Our Story

Kitchen Kite started when my husband and I began looking for a better tea pot that was made with natural and sustainable products but which could also withstand today's lifestyle. Meaning it could go in a microwave oven, get cleaned in a dishwasher or the water could be heated on a stove. 

Being from England, tea means a lot. One doesn't just make tea, one brews it. It changes everything. Brewing has that connotation of taking one's time to get something right. 

We spent a lot of time searching for the right materials, a glass that could withstand the heat of an open flame or go through the dishwasher without going opaque and more. The criteria had to be practical as well as aesthetic. 

We were thrilled to see how many thousands of people also wanted a teapot like that. Now we're growing our product line to bring more great, sustainable and practical products to you. 

If you have a question, want to share ideas or just want to reach out - feel free. We love to hear from you and we'll promise we read every message and answer them. 

Best wishes, Katie at Kitchen Kite