Why Should You Use a Tea Infuser?

Tea Infuser

Do you use a tea bag?

You're missing out on a lot - flavour and experience.

Tea bags have dust, tannin ]]>

Tea bag’s flavour and the taste can't match the experience you have when you put loose-leaf tea in a tea infuser. That's because tea leaves are allowed to move freely in the tea infuser. This allows the tea leaves to expand during brewing. On the other hand, tea bags are stuffed and then sealed so they can only expand to a limited amount. Thus, leaving us with the tea infuser, an easier everyday solution to enjoy a tastier and soothing tea.

Tea Infuser and tea bag

Since there's something original and attractive about having a tea infuser, it's only right that we explore it in detail, so you can fully understand how to use it. This way, you'll have a fully rounded view on it and you can decide whether you need one or not.

What is a Tea Infuser?

A mesh style container that allows water to flow freely through it. Usually tea infusers have holes or a mesh like appearance so that water can seep through but the leaf particles cannot escape into the tea.

Infusers come in all shapes, sizes and colours. You can choose from whichever design that you feel appeals to your style. Depending on the design, it may have a lid or not, usually teapots that come with infusers do not have lids as they are designed to be lifted out or their lid is the lid of the teapot. For instance, with this design you can see the teapot has a lid and the infuser does not but as it is an integrated design, a separate lid for the infuser is not required.

 What is a Tea Infuser

How to use a tea infuser?

It is quite self-explanatory how to use a tea infuser but the reason I am mentioning it because it is easy to assume the job is done once you have placed the tea leaves inside the infuser and immersed it into hot water. However, different types of teas have different steeping times. I have attached a table below from the artoftea’s website. You can have a look and it will give you an idea, usually best place to look is on the tea packaging and follow as they advise. There are many different types and blends of tea but usually the curators know how best to make it and maximise it’s flavour.

How to use a tea infuser

Why Use a Tea Infuser?

Quality Tea Experience

A tea infuser produces excellent high-quality tea from loose tea leaves, and it's the preferred choice if your aim is to maximise flavour. If you usually use tea bags then you may find the shift a bit of a hassle but the flavour of the tea will make you forget all about that. The main issue with tea bags is that the dust and tannings escape into the tea which affects the clarity of flavour.

Nutritious and Rich in Nutrients

Not only that - since tea bags contain a lot of tea tannins and dust, they have fewer nutrients. It's the exact opposite of having a tea infuser with loose leaf tea. A tea infuser allows you to get all the nutrients like Polyphenols and antioxidants in large amounts, which is excellent for your health.

Soothing Rich flavour

If you have been drinking tea from tea bags, chances are you are missing out on the delicate flavour real tea. The best way to appreciate the taste is by trying out the tea infuser with loose leaf tea. Let me know how you love it!!

Attractive Design

Tea Infuser glass tea pot

Part of having an excellent cup of tea is the process of making it. When buying an infuser, it is wise for you to choose an attractive design. An attractive tea infuser will help you enjoy the tea making process even more. Nothing will amuse you like seeing the leaves changing the water colour. Also, this double up as enjoyment for you or your guests as the tea steeps.

Limitations of Using a Tea Infuser

The biggest challenge with a tea infuser is that some of them may have large holes for your specific blend of loose leaf tea. It is possible that these tea leaves could filter out of the infuser and end up in your tea.

If you want to avoid this problem, invest in a stainless steel infuser that has a small hole such as this one. It should not allow the leaves to get out into your drink which will allow you to enjoy the flavour that comes with the tea without worrying about you swallowing any tea tannins or dust.


Having an excellent tea infuser can make all the difference when you want to brew tea. All you need then is to add the correct amount of loose leaves steep them in hot water. A tea infuse is a nifty little tool which can better your tea experience vastly without you having to put in much effort.

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