What Are the Best Teas to Drink During Autumn Time?


 Autumn Time tea

Autumn is here! You are going to need a vibrant and robust kind of tea to help you battle out the cold nights and energise you in the short daylight hours. The chilly sunny days and cool nights make autumn the perfect season to drink a whole lot more tea and try spicier teas if you have not yet!

Since this is cold weather, a lot of tea Connoisseurs will prefer to take a warm cup of infused loose tea leaves. One of the reasons why you tend to drink more tea during Autumn is because of bodily imbalances that arise caused by fluctuating weather as you transition to winter. Also, the chilly weather makes us want to drink something warm and comforting.

Teas to Drink During Autumn Time

This begs the question: What are the best teas to drink during the autumn time?

Below, I will list a few but remember the world is your oyster and I would certainly encourage to try a wide range because then you will know better what type of teas you personally prefer as everyone has their own taste.

African Autumn Rooibos

It is a caffeine-free tea that has many antioxidants and mixed flavour, which resembles a rainy smell. One of the most incredible things about this tea is that it has low tannins.

In other words, it's not bitter. It is naturally sweet. You can take it both cold or hot. Unlike other teas, Rooibos takes time to prepare, and you'll brew it for a long time.

When brewing, one tablespoon of tea is enough. Then you'll steep for about 5 to 15 minutes. Another name for Rooibos is "Red Bush" or "the Tao of Tea."The tea originates from South Africa.

Pumpkin Spice Tea

Pumpkin tea is an excellent pairing in the fall. Have you ever eaten a pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread? It's sweet and natural food to indulge in the Autumn due to it being Pumpkin season. Pumpkin is not only known for its delicious flavour, but it's also known for the health benefits it provides. For instance, pumpkin spice tea is known to soothe a toothache. The pumpkin reduces pain, kills bacteria, reduce high blood pressure, and reduces swelling.

Second, it improves your blood circulation. Since there's cold in the autumn, your body needs circulation, and blood has to reach to different parts. With pumpkin spices tea, your blood circulation will improve so that every part of your body receives the oxygen it needs.

Third, it heals blocked sinuses. Autumn is a cold season, and the chances of getting sick from the cold or stuffy nose are high. A warm cup of pumpkin spice will soothe you, clear out your sinuses, and help you recover.

Cinnamon Tea

It is a delicious tea beverage and easy to prepare at home. It is known for a plethora of health benefits that include regulation of blood sugar, aiding digestion, strengthening the immune system, and weight loss.

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon is warm and comforting to drink in autumn. Cinnamon invokes Autumn and Winter by its very smell and the memories associated with it. The reason why people love it is that it makes one feel warm inside and cold outside. Try a cup of cinnamon this autumn and experience the amazing aroma for yourself.

Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea

We couldn't make our list complete without including the ginger tea in the autumn seasons. Ginger will alleviate sore throat ache and cold. Ginger tea has a compound called gingerols and shogaols that stimulate the process of digestion and nutrient absorption. Ginger also improves memory and cognition. There are so many health benefits attached to ginger that is why it's worth drinking.

Green Tea

As the temperature goes down, green tea is an excellent choice if you want to keep warm in the autumn and winter season. Besides keeping you warm, it also boosts your immune system. With green tea, your body will receive liquids which will help you flush viruses, bacteria, and toxins. Green tea is something you can drink a day thrice. One of the things to keep in mind is the hotter the tea, the less efficient it will be.

Autumn Spiced Apple Tea

Autumn Spiced Apple Tea

Do you love the apple cider? We all do. This is the time to spice the apple tea so that it can have its shining moment in the autumn. You can take a double or triple of this beverage. Apart from infusing this tea, you can make it using a slow cooker so that it stays warm for a very long time. Apple has health benefits, too like other teas. It takes time to prepare the apple tea but the unique flavour it's worth it. The advantage of drinking spiced apple tea have to do with boosting the immune system, acting as an anti-inflammatory, and reducing cholesterol level in the blood.

Blackberry Mint Tea

Everyone loves the dark burgundy colour of this tea in the fall. A combination of blackberry, mint, and tea served either hot or cold creates a perfect flavour in the fall. The tea is easy to make and tastes delicious. What you'll also love is the stunning appearance it creates when it is poured in the glass of tea. This is something you'll enjoy sipping, and it's worth surprising your guests in the falls.


So many things happen in the falls. It is a time where people get flues, congestion, sore throats, cough, fevers, freeze, and headaches. You don't want to go through this. The best remedy for you is to drink the tea because they will energize and keep your immune system under control. There's nothing so frustrating like getting sick in the cold and warm cup of speciality tea is what you need.


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