How To Prepare Cold Brew Matcha In 30 Seconds?

With people becoming increasingly concerned about their health, there has been a significant shift in the beverage preferences of people. Matcha tea has emerged as one of the prominent health drinks, and today people from around the world are raving about it.

Cold Brew Matcha

A delicious cup of creamy hot matcha tea is certainly revitalizing. But have you had iced matcha? It is simple to make this beverage and more flavorful and refreshing. If you have just started drinking matcha tea, this is the best way to get used to its earthy flavour. This is because the cold brew cuts down a bit of bitterness that you it holds. And don’t worry, even in the unconscious form you get all the benefits from I-theanine and caffeine. But how do you make cold brew with matcha; let’s find out in this detailed article.

The Basics Of Cold Brew Matcha Tea

As you make cold brew coffee, cold brew matcha is prepared in cold water rather than hot and simply cools down that water with ice cubes. Additionally, it also implies that you get the most flavour since there is no ice cube to water down the flavour. With a few simple steps and ingredients, you can make the perfect matcha tea for a refreshing summer day. Let’s get started.

Get Your Glass Bottle Ready

Before you start blending the ingredients, you will need a glass jar with a lid like a mason jar or peanut butter jar. You can also use matcha flask, which is specially designed to make cold brew matcha tea. Moreover, you can also use a blender ball if you really want that smooth and slushy texture. But if you do not have a blender ball, it will still be fine.

Choose Only High-Quality Matcha For The Best Taste

Another thing that you need to take care of is to get high quality powdered matcha. Not every brand that sells matcha creates a high-quality product. When you use high-quality matcha, this will allow you to get the best flavour without having added any sweetener. Choose a reputable brand that offers tea which is shade-grown in the field of Japan.

Get Unique Flavors From Different Liquids.

This is the time where you choose the liquid to mix your matcha powder with. If you want an unaltered rich flavour of matcha, then go for cold water. But if you are new matcha and still getting used to its bitter taste, then you add liquid with more flavours. Regular milk, coconut milk, almond milk, oat milk, etc., are some of the most popular liquid choices to accentuate the flavour of your matcha tea.

Final Step - Mixing It All Up

Now that you have selected all the right ingredients, it is time to bring everything together to make the perfect healthy and refreshing cold brew. All you have to do is blend all the ingredients together that will include

● One and a half cup of your preferred liquid (preferably cold)

● One teaspoon of matcha powder

● Ice is optional

Moreover, you can adjust the proportions of the ingredients depending on the quantity and your taste preferences.

teaspoon of matcha powder

Tips For Blending

● When adding all the ingredients, make sure there is an inch of room left after you have secured the cap. This will make sure that the liquid has enough space to move around.

● If you do not want to start your day with icy cold matcha, avoid the ices and use liquid at your preferred temperature.

● Make sure to secure the bottle tightly and shake the bottle briskly until you get uniformly smooth liquid with a white layer of foam at the top.

● The matcha powder does not dissolve in the liquid. Instead, slowly the particles will start to suspend at the bottom. To avoid this to happen, swirl the liquid with a straw.

Benefits of Drinking Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is loaded with valuable nutrients to enhance your overall health. Some of the prominent benefits that you get from including matcha tea in your diet include -

Assists In Weight Loss

A majority of weight loss supplements contain green tea extract as one of the ingredients. This is a popular ingredient that helps in improving weight loss. According to studies, it boosts the metabolism, thereby increasing the fat burning process and energy expenditure. Most of the studies centre on green tea extract, the match is derived from the same plan and offers similar benefits.

Improves Functioning Of Brain

Many researchers show that components found in matcha can help in improving the function of the brain. Additionally, the match team includes more caffeine than green tea. This makes it more effective in enhancing brain function and attention reaction time.

Beneficial In Promoting Heart Health

Heart issues are among the prominent death causes across the world. And studies have revealed that matcha tea may help in mitigating the risk associated with these diseases. Ingredients found in green tea and matcha tea are known to reduce the level of triglycerides and bad cholesterol level. Additionally, it also assists in preventing the LDL oxidation of cholesterol.

Rich In Antioxidants

Matcha boasts catechins, which is an excellent natural antioxidant. They help in stabilizing harmful free radicals that are responsible for damaging healthy cells and causing chronic diseases. Including matcha tea in your diet can help in increasing the intake of antioxidants, which can help in preventing cell damage and lowering the risk of chronic diseases.

matcha tea powder

Final Thoughts

There are just some of the many benefits that a matching tea would provide. Whether you drink it hot or cold, including matcha in your diet would be highly beneficial. For summers, when you want a refreshing cold beverage, you no longer need to reach out for unhealthy sugar beverages. We have shared a simple, delicious and extremely healthy cold brew matcha drink that you can make in 30 seconds. Make sure you invest in good-quality matcha powder to enjoy the maximum flavour and benefits.

* The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information and advice is not confirmed to treat, cure or prevent any illness.