Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers On a Budget

Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

If you are a tea lover or know any tea lovers, you will be aware how finding a gift for tea fans or connoisseurs can be a daunting task. Chances are, they probably already may have their favourite tea kettles, ceramic cup, or a stock of their favorite tea or loose tea leaves.

That said, there is always something new and exciting that will dazzle and awaken their senses as tea lovers. Thus, without further ado, let's explore the unique gifts you can give your tea buddy.

Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers Under $10

Lemon Chamomile Tub Tea

Lemon Chamomile Tub Tea

A better way you can make them test the love they have for tea is by making them bathe in it. In the bathroom, they can relax and let the aroma of the tea to wash and cleanse the stress they may have. An excellent product you can give to tea or bath lovers is the lemon chamomile tub tea. What it does is, calm the spirit while reviving the skin to limit the redness and itchiness. It is an easy gift that any tea lover will be happy to receive as long as they like taking baths.

Stainless steel squeezer Tongs

Not every gift needs to be elaborate and sophisticated. If you have gone to your tea lover's home and noticed they don't have a squeezer tong or they are using spoons. You can get one for them because they will use it for grabbing tea bags and squeezing the juice out of it, without hurting their fingers. This is something they may not have even realised is on the market and did not even realise they have a need for it until they start using it.

Eco Cup

Does your friend use disposable cups or travel a lot and need to take their tea on the go? Then it is a sign that they could make good use of the Eco cup. What the Eco cup does is to combine the ceramic mug which also has a lid and sleeve. That way, they keep the inside warm and their hands cool. The Eco cup maintains the temperature of the tea, whether hot or cool.

What's more is the item is microwave and dishwasher safe. It is a beautiful gift for tea lovers.

Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers Under $20

Wine-inspired Teas

If you have a tea lover, who appreciate a taste of fine wine, the wine-inspired tea is a beautiful gift for them. This one of a kind hybrid drink is fun and unique and you will make your loved one taste their favourite wine without the price point and the health risks. It would be a wonderful premium feeling gift for your family or friend and above all it is unisex. You can help them explore a delightful taste and aroma in every sip.

No-Spill Mug Holder

This mug was designed to hold your tea in place, especially when you are moving from one point to another. Carrying a hot cup of tea presents many mishaps that happen. That said if you notice that your friend likes holding their drink while walking around most of the time. The No-spill mug holder is an excellent gift you can offer them because you will save them from burning themselves and not spill the tea.

Numi Organic Tea, Tea By Mood Gift Set

It's no secret that most tea lovers love tea because of the mood it sets for either in the morning or in the evening. Tea gives people a certain mood to experience when they take it. That said, Numi organic tea, Tea by Mood Gift set will allow your tea buddy to select their favourite drink based on how they are feeling. Numi teas are organic, sugar-free, and fragrance-free

Sweetened Organic Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Assortment Box

This is a perfect gift for tea lovers that appreciate the warm cuppa. It has a genuine tea leaves processed together with tea and raw sugar. Best of all, it has no additives. This tea has a total of eight drops such as two energizing matcha green teas, two calming rose earl grey, two refreshing citrus ginger, and two cooling sweet peppermints.

Hiwares Glass Teapot

It is a 35 oz affordable glass pot you can give out to any tea lover. The glass pot is not thick like others, but it serves its function well. You can use the teapot directly in a microwave. What's more, the glass teapot is also dishwasher safe. It's incredible spout pour effortless and precise.

Mind Reader Loose-Leaf Organizer

Mind Reader Loose-Leaf Organizer

If you have ever been in a drinker's kitchen and noticed that their teas are all disorganised and are piled on top of one another and they cannot find the right tea when they want to, then it only makes sense for you to give them a gift they can use to store the tea bags or loose tea leaves. The mind reader loose-leaf organizer is one such toolbox-styled tea organizer. It's six free leaf tea holders are airtight, and you can use them to store all your favourite teas. Also, you can use them for tea bags if your friend is more of a tea bag type.

VAHDAM 10 Tea Sampler

A tea sampler is one of those gifts you can give to impress your tea buddy. One thing you need to keep in mind is that they all contain quality loose leaf tea except for matcha kit. The VAHDAM 10 tea sampler comes with 50 serving of 10 amazing teas such as black, green, and oolong varieties. It is an excellent sampler for someone who enjoys tea, or they are just getting started.

Gift Ideas for Tea lovers Under $30

Pure Zen Tea Tumbler

It is the best and most stylish tumbler on the market. Its glass is doubled walled to make your tea hot or cold for sometimes. Most importantly, its screw on the lid won't leak. When you want to take a sip, you'll have to screw the lid off. This is a beautiful and aesthetic way for anyone to take their favourite brew on the go.

The Tea and Honey Traveller

Do you have a tea buddy that loves to travel to new locations a lot? The tea and honey traveller will be the perfect gift for them. The tea will come with a bedtime tea that consists of chamomile, spearmint, lemon balm, and lavender honey lollipops. The set also has a strainer. That means your friend will only need a mug and hot water to use it.

Tea Forte Tea Over Ice Pitcher Set

When the weather starts getting warmer, a lot of people will start drinking their morning cuppa iced tea. Do you have a tea buddy who likes iced tea? Then this is the perfect gift for them. They will appreciate the design and functional iced tea making set. What's more, it also comes with five iced tea flavours giving them a lot of options to try.

Kitchen Kite Teapot Set

Kitchen Kite Teapot Set

This is an all rounder gift set which includes a glass teapot with a removable stainless steel and four double wall cups and a loose leaf tea sampler set. The appeal of this product is that it looks like an extravagant gift with a very reasonable price point for everything you get, includes beautiful packaging, so you can just place a bow on top and it is stunning.

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