Best Teas to Drink During the Holiday

Drink During the Holiday

Holidays are the best time to try new teas, with company and in warm cozy surroundings. In this article, I will explore the different and unique flavours of tea there are for you try and you can explore different avenues of your tea taste buds. You never know you might find a keeper!

A delicious tea beverage can make you feel warm and comforted and enhance the enjoyment of your holiday. It can help you feel relaxed and at ease. Different flavours of tea have different moods they carry with them and could help you enjoy the holiday much more. Also, some teas have additional health benefits! Without further ado...let’s begin!

Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice

This is a bolder drink that comes with a silk sachet containing powdered cinnamon. The tea is a blend of black teas, three types of cinnamon, orange peel, sweet clove, natural and artificial drinks. One thing you'll love about this drink is, it is spicy and sweet. The intense cinnamon flavour will give you a serious holiday treat. It is the kind of tea that's worth a try.

Candy Cane Lane from Celestial Seasons

Candy Cane Lane

Do you like mint? Then chances are you will like this mint green tea. The Candy Cane Lane from celestial seasons is something worth trying during the holiday fare. It is a decaffeinated green tea having notes of menthol and exciting taste of vanilla. Do you know the most exciting part? The tea is sweet than most green teas, and the peppermint makes it light.

Stash's Cranberry Pomegranate

Stash's Cranberry Pomegranate

Do you hate drinking caffeine? Then I have good news for you. Stach's cranberry pomegranate tea is what you need to spice your morning routine this holiday seasons. What sets it apart, though, is that it is a refreshing sweet-tart. Besides that, you'll also taste the pomegranate flavour. That said, this is a drink you'll be excited to take during the holiday.

White Chocolate Peppermint Rooibos

This tea is a blend of peppermint-infused with chocolate that is mixed with rooibos. When you put it into the water, it melts to form tea steeps. This kind of tea will get you psyched during the holidays.

Cinnamon Vanilla

Cinnamon Vanilla

One thing about drinking cinnamon vanilla during the holiday is that it will make you think of snickerdoodles. It has a soothing smell that will warm you up even without you drinking. When you drink this tea, you feel the subtle sweetness that will amaze your taste buds. This is the kind of tea to enjoy with a warm sugar cookie to lighten your holiday.

Ruby Spice Cider

Do you love fruits? Then this is a tea you'll love. It has fruit flavours that are balanced with cinnamon and clove flavours. The combination of these two will provide you with a mouth-warming feeling.

Holiday Chai

The Holiday Chai smells like egg nog. Key ingredients in the tea include cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg and rum flavour. One thing you will need to know about this tea is that it can get bitter. All you need to do to enjoy the tea is to add honey to reduce harshness.

Earl Grey Tea

It's the most famous flavoured black tea. The tea comes with a citrusy flavour to awaken your taste senses. Since it's naturally sweet, you can accompany this tea with sweets like scones, madeleines and cakes.

Mistletoe Tea

Mistletoe is a plant or herb used to treat hypertension. That means you drink the tea you'll be treating any heart ailments you may have. You can enjoy the tea if you have hypertension or any heart ailments. One thing you need to know is that there are more than 900 types of the mistletoe plant. So that you don't make mistakes, you must get the tea from a specialized shop. Mistletoe is the best herbal tea to take during the holiday.

Jade Leaf Ceremonial-Grade Matcha Green Tea

Jade Leaf Ceremonial-Grade Matcha Green Tea

Matcha has gained popularity because of its excellent taste and health benefits. That's why it's only fair for us to include in our list. Well, if you are a seasoned tea drinker or want something new to try, Jade leaf ceremonial-grade matcha green tea should be your choice. And it's because of its naturally sweet flavour. Despite its excellent mouthfeel tastes and health benefits, matcha tea cost a lot.

Sweet Caramels

The sweet caramel tea will delight you during the autumn as you get closer to the holiday seasons. Most importantly, Caramel is rich in Calcium and vitamin B. That said, if you consume a good amount of caramel, your health will improve. Caramel tea will always come in different flavours. We have those that are vegan-friendly and those that are not.

Juniper Ridge Douglas Fir Spring Tip Botanical Tea

Juniper Ridge Douglas Fir Spring Tip Botanical Tea

This is the only tea in this list that is the most fragrant tea. The tea has a wild refreshing pine tree scent and taste. The tea comes from the Douglas Fir spring tips inspired by forests of Pacific Northwest and notes of citrus, mint, and pine. The main reason why people love it is the strong scent that it has. Sometimes you might think that you are smelling perfume while it's the tea you are drinking.

Lemon Ginger Tea

Lemon Ginger Tea

Ginger has a compound called zingiber while lemons have pectin and limonene. The compound found in lemon boost immunity, and this makes lemon ginger tea effective when you have bacteria infections during the holiday seasons. If you are sick or have a sick person during the holiday. This is the tea you need need to to drink. Research shows that taking lemon ginger tea will kill salmonella bacteria.

Jasmine Tea

This is a type of beverage that you can try during the festive seasons. This tea has green tea at the base with Jasmine flowers added to enrich the aroma. You'll enjoy drinking Jasmine tea because it has a pleasant smell. The smell is soothing and will calm your nerves during the holiday seasons. Besides it having a pleasant fragrance, Jasmine tea is also linked to improving your physical well-being.


If you are a tea aficionado or a novice, give these teas a try. You'll experience different unique flavours and you may find a new favourite.