12 New Year's Tea Resolutions

12 New Year's Tea Resolutions

Guess what?

2019 is over and 2020 has begun. It is a new year and a fresh start for you to maybe start something new or renew old good habits with a greater zeal. New year resolutions don't have to be big and crazy goals.

You can make your goal as simple as easy as having a tea resolution for 2020. That way, you'll focus on what things make your life exciting. If you are a tea veteran drinker or beginner, here are our tea resolutions you should really consider having:

#1. Drink More Tea

Too much coffee is bad for your health. But do you know there's nothing like too much tea? Tea can't harm you even if you took three times a day. Tea is a relaxing and calming drink that will the mood besides making you hydrated. Besides that, tea makes your skin glow.

#2. Take Less Caffeine

Caffeine itself has no nutritional value, only the effect of making you stay alert. Caffeine is something that you can cut off your life. The right way to cut off caffeine is removing decaf out of your morning or evening routine. Caffeine is present in tea. But you can take tea without caffeine. Drinking too much caffeine makes the body tolerant to it, which can cause withdrawal symptoms. There are so many alternative delicious teas which you can try that have not caffeine.

#3. Start Drinking Tea

If you have been a coffee connoisseur, now is the time for you to drink tea. If you are a beginner, you can begin testing speciality tea to figure out the tea you want. Speciality teas are green tea, oolong tea, matcha tea, hibiscus tea or masala tea. It's never too late to try new tea and find out what suits your mood, energy or taste.

#4. Try New Teas

Different types of tea

Do you know the most exciting part? There are so many types of teas in the world. I am 100% confident that if browse our blog and the web, you will find lots of varieties. The key here is going out of your comfort zone and trying something new. You'll feel the taste. You can also try something exotic such as Darjeeling White Tips. Or you can go for something familiar such as Chai, or a brand new tea from a different brand or company. It's no secret that when you try something, you'll learn a lot about it and maybe appreciate it.

#5. Get a Proper Tea Set

It's no surprise that most people love tea, but they never have a proper tea set at home. Anyone that love tea so much will have the right equipment in the kitchen. You need little to buy tea accessories. Most of them like a tea infuser cost little. Remember to have enough tea kitchen sets enough to serve your guests. Whatever it will cost you, you'll want something that matches like the whole set that includes a teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug, tea infuser, teacups, saucers, and dessert plates. You may also want to get a serving tray and liners. This is an example of such a tea set.

#6. Try a Tearoom

Do you love to travel besides drinking tea? Then one of your goals this year should be to visit a tearoom. If it is a place you can either go alone or with a group of friends. There really is no best time to go, it depends from person to person and their preferences. Go give it a try and see what you think!

#7. Try New Teatime Recipes

Tea is a beverage that comes with a wide range of flavours. Since you are a tea pundit, the best thing you can do is to try at least one tea recipe per month. The key here is to try different tea recipes to find out what pleases you and what does not. Also, don't shy away from tea-infused entrees to the appetizer. If you do this, you'll broaden the experience you have. Best of all, it will increase your tea knowledge and versatility.

#8. Give Tea Gifts

When was the last time you offered someone tea gifts? Gifts are a sign of love and appreciation. People love gifts; however, how small they are. Make it a New Year's resolution to give your tea buddy a wonderful gift. Tea gifts you can offer include tea infuser, teapots, teacups, tea saucer, tea chocolate, and kettle. The list is long, all you need to do is surprise your friend with something they don't have. You can check out this article for tea gift ideas on a budget, or this one for more extravagant ideas.

#9. Tea Tasting Event

Tea Tasting Event

Every month there are different kinds of tea tasting events. This event provides you with an opportunity to taste and learn different teas. You can plant to go to this event so you can learn more about these beverages. Who knows, maybe you may pick something that you'll love. You can also take your friends to try out the tea tasting event. This is great for newbies who still don't know what speciality tea they love.

#10. Spend More Time/Hang Out With Your Tea Buddies

Ever heard the phrase, "you are the average of 5 friends that you hang around with"? Do you have friends that love tea? Then make it your goal to hang out with them. You can organize a weekend getaway or party where you celebrate together as you sip the most delicious beverages in the world.

#11. Switch from Tea Bags to Loose Leaf Tea

Do you still use tea bags to prepare tea? If so, you need to resolve to change that. Tea bags contain lots of dust and fanning. What's worse, the broken tea leaves found in tea bags lose their essential oils and aroma. That means you'll drink boring tea with no flavour. Since tea bags will contain lots of tannins which makes it less enjoyable. That said, you need to switch to lose leaf teas because you'll enjoy the full-bodied flavour. Best of all, you'll enjoy the aroma and freshness of the beverage. Read this to find out more.

#12. Try Tea Subscription Service

Want to treat yourself? Then resolve to subscribe to a tea subscription service. For instance, the joy of discovery will give you premium tea that you'll enjoy. Best of all, the tea comes from different brands. Every month, you'll always get four premium teas. The teas are enough to make at least 15+ cups and 45+ cups re-steeped cups. For only $45 per month, you could taste a variety of teas.